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Just my opinion…you must do your own vetting but after a solid year of Vetting and interviewing people these are my choices



Most important to me…..the School Board

Clark County School District- District D                 Tavorra Elliot

Clark County School District-F                               Erica Neely

Clark County School District-G                              Adam LaRosa

Judicial Races

Nevada Appeals Dept 1                                          Deborah Westbrook

District Court Dept. 11                                            Ellie Roohani

Justice of the Peace  Township 7                             Amy Mitchell Wilson

District Court 9                                                        Maria Gall

Henderson Muni Judge                                            Andrew Coates

All these judges are a must have!

Turning the Assembly RED is mission critical.  These targeted races are a must win

District 5                                                                   Alan Hedrick

District 8                                                                   Mark Shaffer

District 9                                                                   Ryan Fleming

District 21                                                                 Jon Petrick

District 29                                                                 Rhonda Knightly

District 35                                                                 Tiffany Jones

District 37                                                                 Andy Mathews

District 41                                                                 Maria Reyes

We must win the above seats



District 1                                                                      Garland Brinkley

District 2                                                                       Erin Gomez

Disrict 3                                                                        Joshua Blake Lemack

Disrict 4                                                                        Richard McArthur

District 5 above                                                             Alan Hedricks

District 6                                                                       Katherine Rios

District 7                                                                       Anthony Clinton Palmer

District 8                                                                       Patty Martinez

District 9                                                                       Ryan Fleming

District 10                                                                     Philip Graviet

District 12                                                                     Al Rojas

District 13                                                                     Vem Miller

District 14                                                                     Shawn Stampr

District 15                                                                     Steven Darrell Bang

District 16                                                                     Greg Van Houten

District 17                                                                     Eugene Michael Pawly

District 18                                                                     John Walter Vogelsang

District 19                                                                     ?

District 20                                                                     Stan Vaughn or Brandon Mills

Districtf 21                                                                    April Larsen

District 22                                                                      Melissa Hardy

District 23                                                                      Dan Lier

District  28                                                                     Rhonda jSue Knightly

District 34                                                                      Stacy Butler

District 35                                                                      Mindy Robinson

District 37                                                                      Jacob DeVille

District 41                                                                      Guadalupe Reyes

District 42                                                                      Edward Crowell Facey Jr.


Las Vegas City Council Ward 4                                    Brenda Flank

Las Vegas City Council Ward 6                                    Ray Spencer

Nevada System Higher Education

District 6                                                                       Jeanine Dakduk

District 7                                                                       David Crete

District 8                                                                       Stacy Smith

District 11                                                                     Steve Laden

District 13                                                                     Stephanie Goodman


County Assessor                                                             Helen Francis Oseguera

County Clerk                                                                  Bill Young

County Commissioner F                                                  Drew Johnson

County Commissioner G                                                  Billy Mitchell

County Recorder                                                             John Evans

County Treasurer                                                             Mitchell T. Tracey

 Attorney General                                                            Tisha Black

Congress District 1                                                           David Brog

Congress District 3                                                           Noah Vncent Malgeri

Congress District   4                                                         Sam Peters

State Treasurer                                                                 Michele Fiore                                                         

Constable                                                                         Taylor Kenny


Mayor North Las Vegas                                                   Nathan Adkins

Mayor of Henderson                                                         Michelle Romero

Henderson City Council                                                     Trish Nash

Public Administrator                                                           Patsy Brown

Sheriff                                                                                Stan Hyt


Secretary of State                                                              Jim Marchant

Lieutenant Governor                                                          Peter Pavone

Senate      Proven fighter for people                                   Sharelle Mendenhall

Governor                                                                           Joey Gilbert

I love Doc Simon, John Lee, and Guy but these are unusual times and Joey just worked

harder than anybody else and we need that fight right now.  Respect for all.



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